Stunning places to see in Asturias

Mountains, beaches, cliffs, picturesque villages, gastronomy, history… There are the most stunning places to see in Asturias!

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Stunning places to see in Asturias

Lakes of Covadonga


It doesn’t really matter if you like the beach or the mountain if you prefer visiting villages or cities or, even, if your passion is gastronomy or history… Asturias is the place you must know! As you can imagine, it offers an infinite of options to choose from. And, although it’s impossible to include them all in this list, in my opinion, these are the most exciting places to see in Asturias. Are you going to miss them?

Lakes of Covadonga

Stunning places to see in Asturias, lakes of covadongaLakes of Covadonga are, probable, one of the most extraordinary and popular tourist attractions in Asturias. That’s not surprising at all! This natural environment stands out by its beauty, being peaceful, and, overall, its breathtaking views.

Stunning places to see in Asturias, lakes of covadongaThese lakes are located about 1134 meters above sea level. To get there is necessary to go across a road full of curves and precipices from which you can enjoy beautiful landscapes. Its access by car is restricted on some dates of the year, especially during the summer, so there are several parking lots. Furthermore, if you don’t want to climb walking, you have the option of taking public transport (bus or taxi). Do you need more info? Then, take a look at the official website of the Lakes of Covadonga.

Besides that, if you are fond of hiking, this is the perfect place for you. There are lots of trails to enjoy the Lakes of Covadonga. Find more info by clicking here.

Asturias is one of the most beautiful zones in Spain. Go all over it really worths it! If you want to know more stunning places to see in Asturias… Don’t miss it! Very soon, I’ll upload more info.


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