Paella with pork ribs. Easy peasy!

Enjoy this traditional Valencian recipe at home. Preparing this paella with pork ribs has never been so easy. Are you in?

Diurno Restaurant: having dinner like a movie star

Is there any better place than an old video store to enjoy an awesome dinner like being in a movie? No! Diurno restaurant is one of your best options.

Sargo, the reef of Madrid

Are you a meat or fish lover? If you go to Sargo, the reef of Madrid, this answer doesn’t really matter. Do you want to know why?


Illustrated and very easy to follow step by step recipes. Take the chef you have inside out!



These reviews will help you to find the most suitable restaurants for you. Don’t miss them!


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Discover the world through the local gastronomy. Follow me on my gastro trips!


Step by step recipes

Find a great variety of illustrated and very easy to follow step by step recipes. Try them, I’m sure you are going to love them!

Restaurant reviews

Are you looking for restaurants in Madrid and you are not able to choose one? This list of reviews will help you to find the most suitable ones for you!

Gastro Trips

Follow me on my gastro trips to know different destinations through their local gastronomy. Discover restaurants, traditional dishes and all the things you can’t miss on your trips!

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