Arrabal, the best cachopo in Madrid 2022

There is only one cachopo considered the best cachopo in Madrid 2022, and you can find it at Arrabal. Let me share with you the experience!

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Cachopo is one of the star dishes of the gastronomy of Asturias. If this is the first time you hear about it, you may be interested to know that it consists of two large veal fillets, filled with Serrano ham and cheese. Afterward, the whole is breaded with flour, egg, and breadcrumbs to be fried and served with accompaniments such as french fries or padrón peppers. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Since the 1950s, this dish has not stopped increasing its popularity. For this reason, it crossed the borders of Asturias, and nowadays, it is possible to find it anywhere in Spain. In fact, it is so popular that since 2012 there have been numerous regional cachopos championships in different locations. Fortunately, we had the chance to try the cachopo of Arrabal, the best cachopo in Madrid 2022.

Arrabal, the restaurant where you can taste the best cachopo in Madrid 2022

terrace of Arrabal, the best cachopo in madrid 2022Arcades of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid host countless bars and restaurants. One of them is Arrabal, the protagonist of this post for its award for the best cachopo in Madrid 2022 granted by La Guía del Cachopo.

Arrabal is a spacious restaurant in a privileged location that offers the most authentic Spanish flavors. In other words, a gastronomic proposal based on traditional recipes. In the restaurant, you will find three well-differentiated spaces: the terrace, perfect for a drink while enjoying the views of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid; the gallery, with an informal atmosphere where you can have a snack at bar tables; and finally, the caves, the oldest area of the building dating from 1504, which offers more privacy.

Below, you will find a map showing how to locate it.

A little problem before tasting the best cachopo in Madrid 2022

To be honest, our visit to Arrabal did not start on the right foot. We made the reservation through Google, and a few days before, we called to confirm that all was correct. We were never allowed to choose where we wanted to eat. When we arrived at the restaurant, the manager told us that the cave area was closed and there was no chance to open it just for two people. In fact, he insisted that we should eat on the terrace even though we did not want to do so.

Firstly, two groups were celebrating bachelor parties outside, making a fuss. Secondly, they had the water sprinklers on and, in my case, I find them quite annoying while eating. Finally, the Plaza Mayor was crowded, and people were passing by just a few steps from us. Honestly, I rather eat in a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

What was the surprise? When we went to the restroom, we saw that one of the cave rooms was reserved for a private event, but they still had tables available in the other room. Essentially we were given the choice of eating on the terrace or leaving. Although the rest of the service was as friendly and quick as we are used to, this detail is one of those that condition the whole experience.

If you would like to know what impression we got from the best cachopo in Madrid 2022. Continue reading!

Ham croquettes, a classic that could not disappoint

ham croquettes of Arrabal, the best cachopo in madrid 2022Arrabal’s menu includes different options to choose from as starters. Some of them were eggplant tempura, Olivier salad, salmorejo, or these fantastic ham croquettes. And I use this adjective because they have been one of the best we have tasted recently.

On the one hand, the contrast of textures between its crunchy breading and the extreme creaminess of its interior offered a pleasant sensation to the palate. On the other hand, the ham and the bechamel flavors were so balanced that both combined perfectly. Finding good croquettes is relatively easy but Finding some like these is more complicated.

We loved them! We recommend them without a doubt. Finally, the star dish, the best cachopo in Madrid 2022.

The best cachopo in Madrid 2022 is made with Serrano ham and smoked cheese from Pria

cachopo of Arrabal, the best cachopo in madrid 2022To be honest, the first thing we thought when we saw the cachopo was that it looked good, but its size was slightly smaller than we imagined. The latter turned out to be a clear example that you can’t judge a book by its cover because, in the end, it was enough for two people. As you can see in the picture, it was accompanied by some delicious padrón peppers, wedge potatoes, and an exquisite cabrales sauce.

However, when we made the first cut, we expected a generous drizzle of melted cheese, as usually happens with this dish. What happened? Absolutely nothing. Maybe it was bad luck, or the cheese distribution was not uniform. The fact is that the first strip we cut turned out to be empty of cheese. This doesn’t mean it was not very filled, just that it didn’t have as much as we would have liked.

cachopo of Arrabal, the best cachopo in madrid 2022In general terms, there were several aspects we found awesome. To begin with, the breading turned out to be crispier than usual, which was a point of differentiation from the rest. Secondly, the quality of the meat was evident in its tenderness. And finally, although it is a fried dish, it was not too oily, so we did not find it greasy.

To sum up, the cachopo of Arrabal is enough for two people, and its taste is correct. However, we expected a WOW, a genius touch, when we tasted the best cachopo in Madrid 2022. And, honestly, we didn’t find it in this one.

Personal opinion

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s because we started off on the wrong foot. The point is, although the staff was friendly all the time and the quality of the food was good, we left Arrabal with a bittersweet taste. We probably had too high expectations for the best cachopo in Madrid 2022 that, sadly, could not be met. I wouldn’t be lying if I said it was worth giving it a chance, but I wouldn’t be lying too if I told you that you shouldn’t expect a marvel. There is only one thing you can do… try it and judge for yourself!


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