Chincha Internacional, the best Peruvian food in Madrid

Travel to Peru without leaving Spain. At Chincha Internacional, you will find the best Peruvian food in Madrid. Join us in this gastronomic adventure!

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Lately, Latin American food has gained significant popularity in Spain. Fortunately, it is no longer difficult to find restaurants offering Argentinean, Venezuelan, Cuban or Peruvian dishes. And I say fortunately because the gastronomy of this part of the world is famous for being the result of the mixture of different ethnic, cultural, and social elements. Therefore, each of these restaurants offers totally different and equally fascinating experiences.

But if I had to highlight the food of one country, it would be Peruvian food. It is not surprising since Peru has been chosen as the best culinary destination in the world nine times in the last ten years. For this reason, we have decided to visit Chincha International, where you will find the best Peruvian food in Madrid.

Chincha Internacional and the best Peruvian food in Madrid

about Chincha Internacional and the best Peruvian food in MadridIf you Google “best Peruvian restaurants in Madrid,” you will find that Grupo Chincha is among the most and best rated in the city. The name is a clear tribute to the hometown of its chef and owner, Luis Barrios. As mentioned on their website, he has shown a deep love for gastronomy since childhood. After acquiring extensive experience working in the best restaurants in Peru, he decided to move to Madrid to fulfill his dream: to open his establishment and offer the best of Peruvian food in Madrid.

The success of his first restaurant was so great that it only took him a year and a half to open a new one, Chincha Internacional, in the central neighborhood of Chamberí. Its design combines modern architecture with traditional Peruvian decorative elements. That, added to a friendly and close treatment, makes it an ideal place to enjoy a meal as a couple or with relatives. In addition, on the menu, you will find a wide selection of the most famous Peruvian dishes and desserts. There is something for everyone!

Although its situation is in a central neighborhood, it is slightly away from the most touristic areas of the city. Below is a map to help you locate it.

Causa limeña

Causa limeña of Chincha Internacional and the best Peruvian food in MadridIt is one of the most emblematic and typical starters in Peru. There is a consensus about its origin being pre-Columbian. There are different hypotheses about the origin of its name, though. It is also a famous summer dish since people always eat it cold. Whatsmore, it consists of a mashed potato pie filled with chicken or tuna salad with some vegetables and mayonnaise.

In this case, it was decorated with crispy sweet potato and stuffed with tuna, avocado, and red onion. On the one hand, we were amazed by its presentation, which blends modernity and tradition. On the other hand, we were not very impressed by its taste. Not previously knowing what the dish consisted of, we expected to find unexpected flavors. In the end, our sensation was of tasting an Olivier salad with a different presentation and a crunchy touch provided by the onion.

Even though we liked it, it did not surprise us too much. In our opinion, it is a dish worth trying but not repeating.

The best Peruvian food in Madrid is the ceviche!

Classic ceviche of Chincha Internacional and the best Peruvian food in MadridWhile ceviche is one of the most popular and demanded dishes in Peruvian restaurants, different versions are part of the culinary culture of several Latin American countries. However, it is in Peru that it is so prestigious that it has been declared a Cultural Heritage. The origin of its name is not very clear. Numerous theories try to clarify it, and it is worth knowing.

As expected, Chincha Internacional offers different versions of the dish. We tried the classic ceviche. It was made with grouper, lime, and hot spices and served with corn and sweet potato. Honestly, it has been a dish that has impressed us. Not only for its intensity and variety of flavors but also its complexity of textures.

On the one hand, when you mix all the ingredients, you experience lots of tastes. It starts with a sweet sensation, then an intense one produced by the citrus of the lime that ends with a very pleasant soft, and prolonged spicy touch. On the other hand, the sweet potato adds creaminess and the crunchiness of the corn contrasts with the fish.

Honestly, we loved it and seriously think it’s some of the best Peruvian food in Madrid, the leathery texture of the fish was not something we liked too much. 

Arroz chaufa

Arroz chaufa of Chincha Internacional and the best Peruvian food in MadridAs we mentioned, Peruvian cuisine is a blend of different cultures and culinary traditions. In this case, arroz chaufa is part of the Chinese-Peruvian gastronomic style called chifa cuisine. The recipe was brought to Peru by Chinese immigrants who used the leftovers from restaurants. Specifically, the word “chaufa” comes from the Chinese word “chaofan,” which means fried rice.

Honestly, this is not the first time we tried Arroz chaufa. We fell in love with it from the very first moment! More than for its intensity, for having a mild but persistent flavor. By the way, it remains on your palate for a long time. At first, it may be a bit disappointing because of this fact, but you will quickly realize that you can’t stop eating it. After all, you will find it small no matter how big it is!

On this occasion, it had a creamy texture that, added to a final touch of chives, made it super pleasant. The only negative point was that the chicken was a bit dry. Even so, we found it exquisite, totally recommendable!

Lomo saltado, a must-eat Peruvian food in Madrid

Lomo saltado of Chincha Internacional and the best Peruvian food in MadridLike the previous dish, lomo saltado is influenced by the Chinese gastronomic culture too. To be more precise, the pan cooking technique commonly called “saltado” evidences that. It consists of a mixture of beef, onion, tomato, peppers, and soy sauce cooked wok style, accompanied by rice and fried potatoes.

Frankly, it did not stand out for having a neat presentation. But our first impression was of being a tasty and abundant dish. And indeed it was! Even though the amount was a bit misleading because the fries were underneath the meat and vegetables, it was still more than enough to satisfy one person. Also, the soy sauce gives it an intense flavor and the different types of vegetables a contrasting texture.

To sum up, it has been one of our favorites!

Tarta tres cake

Tres leches cake of Chincha Internacional and the best Peruvian food in MadridAlthough this cake is a traditional Latin American dessert, it is also famous in other countries such as Japan and South Korea. As its name suggests, it is a sponge cake dipped in three types of milk: evaporated, condensed, and heavy cream. In addition, it is usually covered and decorated with fondant, whipped cream, or meringue.

The truth is no one knows exactly where to trace its origin but experts agree that it appeared at the end of the 19th century. Its fame was boosted in America in the 1940s because Nestle spread its recipe on their condensed milk labels. In any case, today, it is not strange to find it in countries as varied as Peru, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Albania, and Turkey, among many others.

Frankly, the most surprising thing about it is the moistness of the sponge cake. In the picture, it may look dry, but it is quite the opposite. Unlike you might think after reading its description, it is not excessively sweet, so you can happily eat a whole and want more. I honestly can’t think of a better way to finish lunch after trying the best Peruvian food in Madrid.

Personal opinion of Chincha Internacional, the place where you will find the best Peruvian food in Madrid

To sum up, our experience at Chincha International could not have been better. Everything was smooth from the first moment since we booked a table directly through the Internet. Although we arrived a little later than the scheduled time, we called them to let them know, and they had no problem saving us a seat. In addition, the staff was friendly, so the treatment received was perfect.

In my opinion, the presentation of some dishes was a bit lacking, especially the main courses. Apart from this detail, we can only say that everything we tried was exquisite. Especially the ceviche, the lomo saltado and the tres leches cake. In addition, you will hardly find a restaurant that offers a similar quality-price ratio. It is simply unbeatable!

So you know, if you are looking for the best Peruvian food in Madrid, you will find it at Chincha Internacional!


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