Saporem, enjoying the gastronomy in Barrio de las Letras

In Madrid there are so many restaurants that, sometimes, it’s very hard to choose one. Discover Saporem, where you’ll enjoy the gastronomy in Madrid

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Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!

About Saporem


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About Saporem

Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!, interiorWe had already heard of this restaurant on more than one occasion this summer and we thought it was a good idea to give it a try. We showed up at the Saporem on a Wednesday night fearing not finding a table as we had not booked. When we entered, the first impression was that we had the wrong place. The restaurant was literally empty.

Quickly, the waiter led us to the terrace where we were astonished. If the design of the interior of the restaurant had seemed welcoming… the terrace multiplied that feeling. Perfect for both a romantic dinner or a few drinks quietly in the afternoon with friends. Although everything was silent at the time, which we appreciated, we knew that there are often live music performances. Something that makes it quite interesting.

Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!, exteriorLuckily it wasn’t too long between we ordered and the dishes arrived. So we start with what matters most… The food! 

If you don’t know where this restaurant is, this map will help you to find it.


Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!, starters

The first of the starters were these prawns in tempura with Sriracha sauce. A pretty big dish as the prawns were huge. The grace of the dish was in the sauce, which gave it a spicy touch. On its own it was strong, but with the prawns, it worked amazing. I liked it very much because I had a craving for seafood.  

Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!, starters

The second of the starters was one of those dishes that I like the most of Spanish gastronomy and one of the dishes that we always end up asking for… Iberian ham croquettes! These in particular were very tasty. Super crispy on the outside and extremely creamy on the inside. It was certainly a success. We loved them.

Main dishes of Saporem

Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!, main dishes

After a few more than pleasant starters, the main dishes arrived. One of them was curry chicken with jasmine rice. Honestly, it didn’t look anything like what I thought it was going to be. I expected an Indian food-style dish but it was still very good. At first I was worried because I thought it was going to be spicy as the sauce that accompanies it was. The lime was a success as it adds a fresh touch to the dish. Overall, I really liked it.

Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!, main dishes

The second main one was a parmesan risotto with “Iberian secret” which luckily was exactly as we had thought. It’s a pretty acceptable dish, although it wasn’t thick enough as I like risottos. The meat alone was a little hard and dry but when mixed with the rice that went unnoticed. I didn’t quite understand the sense of seaweed on the plate, we don’t like them very much, so we didn’t eat them. It wasn’t bad, but it could have been better.


Saporem, enjoy the gastronomy in the heart of Madrid!, desserts

To finish this hearty dinner we decided to try the “meaningless” cake of oreo. When the plate arrived, we understood the reason of its name. It’s a nonsense to call it cake because it’s nothing like one. It simply consisted of a glass filled with whipped cream with a layer of oreo and strawberries on its top. Although it was very simple we found it delicious. Honestly, we really liked it even though we were expecting a portion of cake.

Conclusions of saporem

From the time we walked in until we left we had the feeling that we went to the right restaurant. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the staff very friendly. We spent a very nice and quiet time on its terrace. Both its design and its kitchen showed us a high taste for details. We left this restaurant very happy and would not hesitate to recommend it. We’ll be back!


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