Biáng Biáng Bar, the best noodles in Chueca!

Chueca hides a small restaurant called Biáng Biáng Bar, known by its handmade noodles… they are probably the best ones you can find in Madrid!

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About Biáng Biáng Bar

Biáng Biáng Noodles Bar exteriorIf you like Chinese gastronomy and, especially, if you like noodlesBiáng Biáng Bar is the next restaurant you have to visit!

It’s a tiny restaurant hidden in the narrow streets of Chueca, one of the most central neighborhoods of Madrid. In spite of its appearance which it’s possible that may not grab your attention, it’s worth encouraging to get inside and try some of their dishes. Have you ever heard that beauty is on the inside? In this case, it’s totally true!

On one hand, if you are the kind of person who likes roomy and fancy restaurants, I’m afraid that this won’t probably your place. Biáng Biáng Bar doesn’t stand out by its decoration… even it’s so small that it could seem claustrophobic. In that case, I recommend you Diurno Restaurant. You can read more about it clicking here.

On the other hand, their waiters are so kind and polite that will make you feel very comfortable since the very beginning. Furthermore, the service is quite fast. In a blink of an eye, you will have an appetizer in your table. In our case, we didn’t have to wait for too much to begin with the starters.

If you don’t know where this restaurant is, this map will help you to find it.

Beef with five aromas

Beef with five aromas Bíang Biáng Bar

In spite of not being what I expected, I found it very nice. When I saw the name of the dish, I imagined that it was going to be a kind of broth or even a stew… In the end, it turned out to be a kind of cold meat.

Although, in my opinion, it was an interesting dish as I haven’t tried it before and it was tasteful, the meat was very dry. In one of the two dishes, the meat was cut in little pieces so it wasn’t difficult to be eaten. On the contrary, in the second of the two dishes, the meat was cut in long and thick strips so swallow it was almost an impossible mission.

In general terms, I liked it but I wouldn’t repeat it.

Biáng Biáng noodles triple combo: Lamb with cumin

Biáng Biáng noodles triple combo: Lamb with cumin

A few minutes after ending the starter, the star dish came. At first, we thought that it was a misunderstanding because there weren’t any noodles in the dish… but they were hidden below all the ingredients! A smiling waiter advised us to mix all well to spread out the sauce.

Biáng Biáng noodles triple combo: Lamb with cuminAfter following the advice of the waiter, this was the aspect of the dish. Among its ingredients, you can see tomato, egg, lamb, carrot, tofu, chive, vegetables… and an infinite strip of pasta! All of them, soaked with a light-spicy sauce which gave the dish a very pleasant touch of flavor.

Although it didn’t look like a big dish, it turned out to be a very filling dish. The noodles absorbed the taste of the sauce, so they were very tasteful.

In my opinion, it was exquisite and I would come back to try it again but I understand that maybe not everyone would like it. Especially if you are not used to the oriental gastronomy.

Have you ever tried the noodles at Biáng Biáng Bar? Do you think they look good? Did you find another restaurant to have some handmade noodles? Tell us in the comments, we’ll like it very much to know!


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