Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!

What Pinsa is and why its different than pizza? Find it out in this post and, incidentally, know Pinsa Pizza, the best restaurant to try it

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What pinsa is?

Pinsa is a dish that dates back to the twentieth century when it became fashionable and popular in Rome. Although it’s previous to traditional pizza, it follows certain principles used in focaccia in ancient Rome. Like all the most delicious dishes, pinsa has a humble origin.

Even though pinsa and pizza look very similar, they have huge differences. The most visible is its shape. If you continue reading this post, you will notice in the pictures that, unlike pizza, pinsa is oval. Besides, pinsa is made with wheat, soy, rice, and dry sourdough. Its fermentation period may be longer than 72 hours. For this reason, it is much lighter and more digestive than traditional pizza.

About Pinsa Pizza

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!In Madrid, there are thousands of pizza shops. So, finding a good pinsa may become an arduous task. Almost by chance of fate, we met Pinsa Pizza. It’s a restaurant very close to the city center where you can enjoy a good variety of pinsas and taste delicious starters and desserts.

The restaurant is not too big, so that gives it a very cozy feeling. That sensation is enhanced by being welcomed by a smiling and friendly waiter. He explained to us the different dishes on the menu and gave us some advice.

After a difficult decision, since all the starters and pinsas looked great, and after the recommendations of the kind waiter, we decided to try the following dishes.

Mini calzone, the biggest starter of Pinsa Pizza

This starter consisted of a board with four varieties of calzone: mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian pancetta, and prosciutto cotto. Although in the photos they may seem small, they weren’t at all! In our opinion, it was huge to be a starter. Except for the mushroom one that was not a big deal, the rest amazed us. Trying them made us notice that they use the best products to make their dishes. We loved them!

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!

Burrata di Parma

The first pinsa we tried was made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, burrata, prosciutto, and pesto sauce. At first, we were afraid we get tired of it very fast because it had a lot of pesto. Fortunately, the sauce wasn’t too strong, so we enjoyed it from the first bite until the last one. Although we found it a bit oily, it was pretty good. We were surprised by the fact that the pesto was homemade, which is unusual. It definitely was a good choice!

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!

Tartufo Quaglia, the star of the menu of Pinsa Pizza

The second pinsa was the star dish of the night. It was made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pancetta, quail eggs, and truffle sauce. This was one of those dishes which you can’t say bad things about. At this point, we were already full, but we thought it was so good that we could not stop eating until we finished it. The combination of ham, egg, and truffle was exquisite. If you go to this restaurant, try it. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!

Calzone dolci di latte, the sweetest dessert of Pinsa Pizza

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!When we saw that one of their desserts had dulce de leche, we couldn’t resist the temptation. Even though we really like it, we ate so much food previously that we found it too heavy. This calzone is a pump stuffed with this sweet. Try cutting it, then you will understand why. It is a dessert dedicated exclusively to gluttons. Will you dare with it?

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!

Second visit to Pinsa Pizza. More pinsas! more sweets!

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!If you like something, why don’t repeat it? Our first visit to Pinsa Pizza was so satisfying that we didn’t hesitate about coming back to try their exceptional pinsas again. The thing is, once you try them, in the end, you’ll want to have them again and again.

This time, we booked a table to have lunch. As I told you before, it’s not a big restaurant so doing it may be a good idea. It’s advisable to come in early, so you don’t have to wait for a table.

Being far-sighted, this time, we decided to skip the starter and order some pinsas directly. This is what we ordered in our second visit to Pinsa Pizza.

Barbacoa Affumicata

Barbacoa Affumicata is, probably, one of the pinsas that most stands out of their menu. Why? Because, in my opinion, it’s the most different one to the traditional Italian gastronomy. But that isn’t negative! The combination of all its ingredients makes it a real delicacy. Mozzarella fior di latte, smoked provola cheese, shredded beef, Italian pancetta, red onion, and smoked BBQ sauce… Appetizing, isn’t it?

Although it’s lighter than it may sound, at first sight, it’s enough just for one person. Besides, the most remarkable of its taste is the sweet touch provided by the BBQ sauce. To be honest, at first, I thought I wasn’t going to like it very much… But it was wrong! I totally recommend it.

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!

Picantona, the spiciest one of Pinsa Pizza

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!It’s not the first time this happens to us, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. When you ask a waiter if a dish is spicy or not… why don’t they answer honestly? He said it wasn’t hot, but the truth is it was a lot. If you are used to it, it wouldn’t be a problem. If not, then this pinsa is not for you at all!

In my opinion, it was exquisite, but it was spicier than I expected. It was made with mozzarella fior di latte, pepperoni, mortadella pepperoncino, and olive oil with chili pepper. Will you dare with it?

Milk with cookies

If there is a word that defines this dessert excellently, it’s balanced. The combination of its ingredients reaches the maximum point of sweetness and textures. On the one hand, the scrambled cookies contrasted with the mousse of milk. On the other hand, the softness of the latter was the best counterweight for the excessive sweetness of the cream of lotus.

If you are looking for a light dessert to share, this is the best option. We liked it a lot! We totally recommend it.

Bored of pizza? Then, you must try Pinsa Pizza!

As you can see, Pinsa Pizza allows you to taste Italian dishes differently. Although it’s not located in the very city center, visiting it really worths it. You’ll enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner and, honestly, made with high-quality ingredients! A mangiare!


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