De Tapas por Segovia. The best way to know the city!

De Tapas, Peketapas y Cócteles Contest in Segovia it has become one of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful city… Discover it!

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De Tapas por Segovia 2019. The best way to know the city!

Casa Duque Restaurant

Narizotas Restaurant

El Hidalgo Grill House

Pasapán Restaurant

Good news for all foodies! The contest Tapas, peke-tapas and cocktails in Segovia is in full development, so you still have time to get up close to the city and enjoy those little dishes that we all love so much.

This competition involves more than 25 bars and restaurants, both in the city and in the nearby towns, offering a series of quite interesting tapas. So much so that sometimes it’s hard to decide on one or the other. In addition, being a small town, it is perfect to get lost in the streets and leave the masses of tourists who every day come to see the aqueduct, the cathedral or the Alcazar.

So without thinking twice, we went for a walk around the city and see what wonders we find.

Casa Duque Restaurant, one of the winners of the contest De Tapas por Segovia 2019

De Tapas por Segovia 2019. The best way to know the city!, casa Duque restaurantCasa Duque Restaurant is one of the oldest in the city. Although it is famous for its suckling pig, Segovia’s star dish, it also offers the possibility to eat tapas as in a traditional bar. Although it’s not too big, the atmosphere is very welcoming and invites you to stay for more than one dish or a beer.

In this case, it was our first stop and the tapa with which they participated in the contest was to blame. Crepe glazed with teriyaki sauce stuffed with Iberian prey with vegetables and mango chutney”. Just by reading the name, we knew we had to try it.

If you think it looks good, wait till you try it. It’s a real marvel. Compared to other dishes we tried, it seemed a little small, but its intense flavor compensate its size. It is stuffed with very tasty meat and the sauce gives it a very pleasant sweet touch. 

If you make this restaurant your first stop, you won’t regret it!

Narizotas Restaurant

De Tapas por Segovia 2019. The best way to know the city!, narizotas restaurantThe location of the Narizotas Restaurant makes it an ideal place to have an outdoor dinner enjoying the live music that they usually offer to their customers. Honestly, there’s no night we see it empty and that must mean they have good food. Too bad they didn’t know how to prove it on their cover.

The “Cheese cannellone stuffed with beef stew and seasonal mushrooms dipped in its own sauce” promised to be a rather interesting dish. In the end, it turned out to be small and microwave-heated. The stew with which the cannellone was stuffed was nice but its presentation has also left a lot to be desired.

Of all that we try, this dish is the one that gets the worst score.

El Hidalgo Grill House, the great winner of the contest De Tapas por Segovia 2019

De Tapas por Segovia 2019. The best way to know the city!, el hidalgo grill houseBeing located in a palace of the thirteenth century made us take for granted that the Asador el Hidalgo has a certain level that is reflected both in its kitchen and in the treatment. We were hoping we could eat when we arrived, but it couldn’t have been like that. We had to wait about 15 minutes until we could pass to the lounge where the food is served. In the meantime, we could see that in addition to restaurant, it is also a hotel. All set in the time from which the building dates.

But our biggest surprise was found on the wall. A multitude of multicolored paintings caught our attention. As we approached we discovered that they were all the prizes they had won from tapas contests from past years. At this time, we decided to wait for whatever it took to try your dish.

Upon entering, we found a small lounge where a waiter tended to everyone a little overwhelmed but very kindly. The atmosphere was very welcoming and almost instantly we realized that any day we would return to try some of its menus.

Within a few minutes of sitting down, the tapa came: “Codillo a la Segoviana under gratin of boletus”. In addition to being quite larger of all we tested, it was also the tastiest by far. On the one hand, the intensity of the flavor of the sauce, was balanced by the extreme creaminess of the gratin. On the other hand, the meat made it juicy enough to make it too pleasant in the mouth.

No wonder why we are going to repeat. For me, it would have to be the winning cap, without a doubt.

Pasapán Restaurant. The most surprising tapa of the contest De Tapas por Segovia 2019

De Tapas por Segovia 2019. The best way to know the city!, pasapan restaurantOur last stop was the Pasapán Restaurant, very close to the Plaza Mayor of Segovia. Seen from the outside, it didn’t look like a restaurant too big. There weren’t too many people inside, but it gave a slight sense of claustrophobia. Still, its lid caught our attention too much and we went in without thinking it more.

Inside, we find a very careful and modern decoration. A separate room from the bar area made us see that it was bigger than it looked. When ordering the tapa, “Meatball with Pasapán sauce”, the waitress told us it was going to take a while. To make up for it, he willingly invited us to an appetizer consisting of potato omelette. Which, by the way, was very good.

The tapa of the contest turned out to be a kind of meat croquette that was undone in the mouth. Crispy on the outside and very creamy on the inside. The bread on which it was mounted was overly toasted, making it a little difficult to eat.

But generally speaking, we came out very happy about this site. Although it wasn’t the lid we liked the most, it was delicious.

As you can see, we had a good evening. This tapas contest has given us the best excuse to tour Segovia quietly at night and to enjoy the most typical dishes in Spain, tapas. The contest lasts until October 6, so you still have time to try these little treats.

And now the million-dollar question… Which one do you think looks better?


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