What to see in Berlin? These are the must-see places

Multicultural, cosmopolitan, full of history… This is the capital of Germany! Don’t you know what to see in Berlin yet? Find it out!

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What to see in Berlin? These are the must-see places

Brandenburg Gate


Traveling to Berlin is like immerse in history. Although it doesn’t have a historical center like other European cities, It’s full of fascinating places for history lovers. Besides that, the city offers a large variety of cultural plans. If you haven’t got the chance to visit it and don’t know what to see in Berlin yet… These are its must-see places!

Brandenburg Gate

What to see in Berlin? These are the must-see places

Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic monuments of Berlin. Not only because it’s one the most photographed ones by the tourists, but also its esthetic, architectural and historical value. Although it’s placed in the city center, it’s the only access gate of the city that remains.

Besides that, it witnessed relevant moments of world history. It saw Napoleon’s troops parade. It observed the rise and the fall of Nazism. More recently, it suffered the havocs of the Cold War and the division of Germany. And, finally, it became the symbol of German unity.

Brandenburg Gate is a construction of 26 meters tall, and its appearance reminds the Propylaea of the Acropolis of Athens. It has five passageways where the central one is the widest. Besides that, its upper part is covered with relieves that represent Heracles, Mars, and Minerva. It’s crowned by a copper sculpture that symbolizes the goddess of victory riding a horse-drawn carriage.

Berlin is a large city full of fascinating places to discover. This is just the beginning! Little by little, I’ll upload more content. Don’t miss it!


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