Where to eat in Jerte Valley?

Are you planning to visit the area but still don’t know where to eat in Jerte Valley? Discover a place to have a tasty and cheap lunch!

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Extremadura is a quiet destination that offers a lot to its visitors: gastronomy, culture, and lots of nature. So, if you are looking for a combination of all of them, I would like to show you one of those places you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Thus, before telling you where to eat in Jerte Valley, I will briefly describe this beautiful area.

Discover Jerte Valley

Where to eat in Jerte Valley?Jerte Valley is, as its name says, a valley located in the northeastern part of Extremadura, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1973. Then, what makes it different from the rest that makes it so attractive? The cherry trees! Every year, around the second half of March or the beginning of April, these trees blossom and create breathtaking views. This attracts thousands of tourists!

But as you can imagine, this area is much more than cherry trees. In Jerte Valley, you will find endless hiking trails, beautiful viewpoints, waterfalls, and bathing areas to relieve the heat. But also villages with rich traditions and, of course, finger-licking dishes!

If you want to know more about Jerte Valley, I strongly recommend visiting its official tourism website. And now, what we are interested in… Where to eat in Jerte Valley? I would like to suggest a place!

About La Cabaña del Jerte, possibly the best restaurant to eat in the Jerte Valley

If you are looking for an elegant restaurant that offers modern dishes, unfortunately, this place is not for you. In fact, La Cabaña del Jerte is one of those old-fashioned restaurants where the menu doesn’t change, and waiters are always in a hurry. But, despite that, many people queue up to eat there! It is also worth mentioning that it is one of the restaurants with more reviews and is best rated on Google (not to say that it is possibly the best) of all Jerte Valley.

If all this still does not make you think you are in front of one of the best restaurants to eat in Jerte Valley, its gastronomic offer surely will convince you. On its menu, you will find traditional dishes of the area, Iberian products, cheeses, and grilled meats.

Finally, it would also be interesting to note that it is located in the heart of Jerte, a village that’s full of charm and is well worth a visit. Below, you will find the location of the restaurant.

Still not convinced that this is a good place where to eat in Jerte Valley? Below I will show you everything we have ordered.

Sheep cheese with cherry jam

Where to eat in Jerte Valley?, sheep cheese with cherry jamAs you may have guessed, the star product of the area is cherries and all their derivatives, including jam. Since we could not leave Jerte Valley without tasting it, we decided that the sheep cheese with cherry jam had to be our first starter.

In this case, some of our companions were a little disappointed by this dish. Perhaps it was because of its presentation. Maybe they were expecting something more sophisticated. The thing is that the dish’s name perfectly explained what it was, cheese with jam, nothing more.

This is a simple starter that people usually like and carries no risk. In my opinion, the only highlight was the jam (and to a certain extent).

Torta del Casar with Iberian ham

Where to eat in Jerte Valley?, torta del casar with iberian hamHonestly, this is the biggest reason why La Cabaña del Jerte is one of the best restaurants where to eat in Jerte Valley. We had never seen Torta del Casar served like this before and, the truth is, we all liked it very much.

But what is Torta del Casar? It is a famous cheese in Extremadura whose main characteristics are its creamy texture and intense aroma. But also, its barely salty, and its slightly bitter taste. So, if you are a true cheese lover, it is something you must try, although its characteristics do not appeal to everyone.

Due to its intense flavor, we were not entirely sure whether to order this dish or not. In the end, we decided to take the risk – what a success! We were simply amazed. It is a dish with a smooth, balanced flavor, with the typical texture of melted cheese, and it was perfect for sharing.

Totally recommended!

Migas with a fried egg

Where to eat in Jerte Valley?, migas with a fried eggIf we talk about Extremadura’s gastronomy, it is impossible not to mention Migas. The dish was created by shepherds who used the stale bread to prepare it in the pot with meat, vegetables, or sausages. As a curiosity, I would like to note that in its beginnings, it was a breakfast that, little by little, has been transformed into a dish for lunches or dinners.

With a fast Google search, you will quickly realize that this dish makes this restaurant one of the best places where to eat in Jerte Valley. And I’m not the only one who says this, a lot of people recommend the Migas of La Cabaña del Jerte because they are scrumptious. We loved them!

To be honest, the only negative point I would give this dish is its size. In my opinion, I found it small compared to those you can find in other places of Extremadura. But… the reason for this is that they were so good that we wanted more! Simply like that!

Mixed Barbecue

Where to eat in Jerte Valley?, mixed barbaqueOne of the things that attracted our attention the most at La Cabaña del Jerte was the quality of their meat dishes. While we were eating the starters, waiters kept serving chops, entrecote, or grilled meats. In the end, we could not resist the temptation and decided to try their mixed barbeque.

It was a tray with chorizo, black pudding, skirt steak, chicken, bacon, pork, and lots of french fries.

Although it was not the best barbecue we have ever tasted, its value for money was unbeatable. Having said that, I would like to point out that everything was ok except for the chicken and the skirt steak. Both were overcooked, so both were dry and tough.

For us, it was perfect because we ordered it to share. It is highly recommended.

In our experience, eating at La Cabaña del Jerte is synonymous with eating well and cheaply. If you enjoy trying traditional dishes and don’t mind eating in unfancy restaurants… this place would be one of the best ones where to eat in Jerte Valley for you! And the truth is I would recommend a thousand times this restaurant for its Torta del Casar and Migas. We will be back!


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