Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar, the city’s most famous brunch

It doesn’t matters who you ask about where to try one of the best brunches in the city… everyone will answer the same! In Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar

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Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar, the city’s most famous brunch

About Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar

Benedictine bacon eggs

Chocolate cake

About Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar

Carmencita Outdoor BarAlthough at first glance it seems that Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar have nothing to do with each other, there is something that joins them deeply. Their fantastic weekend brunch offer!

These two restaurants and a third one called La Gringa, form a group that could be considered as the golden triangle of the brunch of Madrid. If you still don’t know why I can make you a small advance…

Outdoor Rivas Wineries (carmencita bar group)Their weekend offer is one of the most complete and economical in the city!

All the restaurants in this group are located in the center of Madrid and very close to each other. So, if you don’t find availability in one of them, you may find it in one of the others. If you plan to try the weekend brunch menu I recommend you book a table because otherwise, you will have to wait quite a while.

At first, we tried to book a table at Carmencita Bar but it was complete until 4.30pm. So, in the end, we decided to book at Bodegas Rivas. Anyway, here’s the location of both. This way you can know where they are.

Benedictine bacon eggs, the stars of Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar

Bodegas Rivas Carmencita Bar eggs Benedictines (carmencita bar group)Although the first menu option may seem somewhat rigid as there are only three possibilities… Fortunately, these are their star dishes! You can choose between Benedictine eggs with bacon, salmon or avocado and mix them as you like. You can also choose as garnish among fries, homemade potatoes, sweet potatoes or hash browns. It is worth mentioning that it is accompanied by orange juice or mimosa.

In this case, I have ordered two Benedictine eggs with bacon accompanied by hash browns. The dish consisted of two toasted molletes with bacon and a poached egg on top of it, all covered in Hollandaise sauce. Yes! You read that right! Toasted molletes. If this does not remind you of Seville, then you have to read the following post: What to eat in Seville? These are the dishes you can’t miss

Although the image looks quite large, the bread was what clumped the most. Still, I thought it was a fantastic dish. 

On the one hand, the egg was at its best. Almost at the same time when I touched it with the knife, it began to squirt the yolk, soaking the rest of the ingredients. On the other hand, the Hollandaise sauce did not have an overly intense flavor, so it did not reduce the prominence of either the egg or the bacon.

Chocolate cake

Bodegas Rivas Carmencita Bar chocolate cake (carmencita bar group)Although after eating the Benedictine eggs we already felt quite full, the dessert or the sweet dish of brunch came. It consisted of a variety of three cakes. We could choose among a cake of chocolate, a carrot one and finally, a gluten-free corn pie. As a good chocolate lover, I couldn’t resist trying the first of the options.

In my opinion, the cake was really fluffy and its texture was very pleasant as it was not dry. It was covered by a thick layer of chocolate adorned with white chocolate shavings… A great choice! It was exquisite!

In addition to the cake, the menu includes an infusion or a huge cup of coffee. So it was the best possible way to finish the meal.

From now on, when someone asks me where to go for brunch, I’ll have no doubts… I will recommend Bodegas Rivas and Carmencita Bar without hesitation!


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