EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in Madrid

Don’t you know EatMyTrip yet? The presentation of its delicious dishes and its good atmosphere turn into the trendy brunch in Madrid

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EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in Madrid

About EatMyTrip

Very Berry

Macho Iberico Benedict

About EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in Madrid

Exterior of EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in MadridChase your dreams! That’s the philosophy behind EatMyTrip. This brunch café was born in Barcelona in 2018, thanks to Genia, its owner, a self-taught baker recipe creator with a huge passion for healthy, beautiful, and creative food. Her dream was always to set up her own business since she is a great fond of the brunch culture. Now, two years later of her first opening, her project comes with the promise of turn into the new trendy brunch in Madrid.

As she says on her own website, her mission is to serve the best breakfasts and the most wow brunches using fresh, organic, and high-quality ingredients. What’s more, at EatMyTrip, you’ll only find fair-trade coffee roasted entirely in Spain.

Interior of EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in MadridOn their menu, you’ll see brunch classics as avocado toasts, eggs benedict, pancakes, salads, bowls, smoothies, and fruit juices. As well as unique fusion dishes which you’ll hardly find in other places. Furthermore, most of their recipes are vegetarians, even though they have vegan and gluten-free options.

About the establishment

Interior of EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in MadridAs you can see in the pic and, overall, in the video I’ve shared on my social networks, the establishment stands out by its bright, funny, and modern design. It’s a place which, once you go into, you won’t walk away. Besides, they have two very well defined spaces.

On the one hand, the most remarkable thing about their top floor is the colors and the brightness. Although, in my opinion, it may seem a little stifling because of the number of tables they have, overall, if all of them are busy. On the other hand, the lower floor has a faint illumination that provides a higher sensation of privacy. So, it may be perfect to have brunch with your partner.

For all those reasons, I’m totally convinced that EatMyTrip will turn into the new trendy brunch in Madrid.

You can find its location easily by taking a look at this map.

Very Berry

Very Berry of EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in Madrid

If you are a pancake lover, a fan of berries, and, overall, red in all its variants is your favorite color, Very Berry it’s perfect for you! It consists of three pancakes with creme fraiche, berries jam, fresh berries, and meringue. This dish has a nice balance among the sweetness and the sourness of the fruits. As well as having a beautiful presentation that invites you to try it immediately.

Although separately, all the ingredients are delicious, the mix of all of them it’s a bomb of flavors that worth trying it out. While the fruit jam is sweet, but not too sweet to tire you out, the creme fraiche counteract perfectly the sourness of the berries besides producing a creamy and pleasant texture.

It’s also remarkable the care they have preparing the pancakes. Besides having a perfect shape and thickness, they were very fluffy. They were so tasty that I’d have eaten them alone with any kind of accompaniment. As you can imagine, I love it!

Macho Iberico Benedict, the star dish of the new trendy brunch in Madrid

Macho Ibérico Benedict of EatMyTrip, the new trendy brunch in Madrid

Unlike Very Berry, Macho Iberico Benedict is characterized by its contrasts. It’s a colorful dish with an eccentric presentation. You won’t miss anything! It’s formed by two poached eggs with truffled hollandaise sauce, crunchy Iberian ham, and spinach over a melted cheese sandwich with BBQ sauce and roasted potatoes.

Though it’s a flavorful dish, you should be fond of truffle. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy it as I did. As opposed to the benedict eggs of Carmencita, initially, the truffled hollandaise sauce is so intense that you may feel overwhelmed. Although, in my opinion, the most remarkable of this dish was the crunchy ham, the sourness produced by the BBQ sauce, and the creaminess of the hollandaise sauce.

As you can see, it’s a filling dish. Depending on if you are a big eater or not, this may be enough to satisfy you. Despite not tasting more things on their menu, I can state that it probably is one of the best dishes you can order.

Even though being a new café brunch in the city, I’m totally convinced that people are going to talk a lot about it. If you haven’t tried it yet and you want to do it, don’t wait any longer! EatMyTrip is going to turn into a trendy brunch in Madrid.


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