Casa Carmela, probably the best paella of Valencia

Discover Casa Carmela where 100 years of history will allow you to find which probably is the best paella of Valencia

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Casa Carmela, probably the best paella of Valencia


Iberian ham and Parmesan cheese croquettes

Valencian Paella

Only the most respectful restaurants can brag of having a long history, and, of all restaurants you can find in Malvarrosa beach, Casa Carmela is the most long-standing one. Why it’s so special? Because they keep cooking most traditionally with firewood of orange trees and using local products. That’s why I’m not the only one who affirms that, in Casa Carmela, you’ll find which is probably the best paella of Valencia.

History of Casa Carmela

Casa Carmela restaurant started being a small shack that served as a closet for the swimmers who went to Malvarrosa Beach in the earlies twenties. Over time, besides offering shelter to the tourists, they also started to provide food. As for themselves state on their website, the offer consisted of daily stews elaborated with local products.

For decades, the reputation of this restaurant didn’t stop growing. When the good weather arrived, the number of clients increase exponentially and, the business was full of life until very late at night. Finally, in the seventies, the owners decided to make a vast remodel, so they set up the grills. In this way, they earned the reputation of being specialists in cooking different kinds of rice.

Since then, its prestige continues increasing without a pause. Although it isn’t located in the city center, people from all around the world go to Casa Carmela to try, which is probably, the best paella in Valencia.

In the following map, you could watch its location. Suggestions? If you are thinking of booking a table, you should do it for one month in advance as it’s a very crowded restaurant.

Iberian ham and Parmesan cheese croquettes, the best starter of Casa Carmela

Casa Carmela, probably the best paella of Valencia, ham croquettesWhen we arrived at Casa Carmela, the waiter advised us that the food would take a bit to be served. Fighting against the greed of ordering more starters, we decided to try their croquettes. What a great decision!

At first, its intense Parmesan cheese flavor could surprise. But, once you get used to it, you could notice other hints. Its extremely creaminess, the quality of the ham, and its final sweet touch, make it in one of the best croquettes we’ve tried in Valencia.

Although it could sound weird, as Casa Carmela it’s a restaurant specialized in cooking rice, their Iberian ham and Parmesan cheese croquettes are formidable.

Valencian paella of Casa Carmela, probably the best you can find in the city

Casa Carmela, probably the best paella of Valencia, Valencian paellaIf there was something that caught our eyes since the first moment, it was the fact that this paella didn’t look like the others you can find in the city. The lack of the typical intense yellowish color makes us realize that we had in our hands an authentic wonder.

And we were amazed after trying the spoonful. If there is something that distinguishes the paellas of Casa Carmela is the strength of its flavor. Although, in my opinion, it was slightly salty, I’m not capable of finding the cons of this astonishing dish. Without question, they could change my perception about what is and what isn’t paella. Sincerely, I’ll never call paella again to something that doesn’t come from the stoves of Casa Carmela.

This is one of these restaurants where you are thinking about when you’ll come back even without leaving it. Even though, in the end, the bill may be high, it really worths. Such was the case that we are willing to come back to try which is probably the best paella of Valencia.


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