Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?

Find out where to eat in Patones de Arriba. It’s one of the most charming towns and a model of the finest cuisine of Madrid

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Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?Patones de Arriba is one of the most beautiful towns in the mountains of Madrid. And due to being very close to the city, it’s one of the most visited during the weekends. It’s a small and quiet place. That makes it perfect for getting away from the frenetic lifestyle of the capital.

The architecture of its buildings is one of its biggest attractions. The fact of being built with black slates gave Patones de Arriba an appealing and lovely appearance. Such was the case that it was proclaimed Asset of Cultural Interest. The truth is that walking around its small streets is like traveling back in time. If you want to know more about this charming town, you can find more information here.

Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?But, to be honest, the thing that stands me out the most about Patones de Arriba was the large number of bars and restaurants that you can find there. Taking a short walk by the town, we found more than ten! What is my advice? If you want to try one of them, you must book a table. Otherwise, you’ll depend on luck to be able to eat there.

If you are starting to think about visiting the town, take a look at got its location.

About El Rey de Patones

Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?If you don’t know where to eat in Patones de Arriba yet, you should know more about the restaurant called “El Rey de Patones.” It’s an establishment with more than fifty years of history where you can find traditional dishes of the zone. Among them, you can count roasted suckling piglet and roast lamb, Migas, and beans.

Besides that, it has a beautiful terrace with excellent views. So, you’ll be able to enjoy good food and the landscape of the town at the same time!

In this case, we were lucky since we could eat in this restaurant without booking a table. Although we had to wait half an hour more or less, it really worths it. Take a look at all the dishes we tried!

King’s Migas of Patones de Arriba

Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?, migas del reyMigas is a popular dish in Spain with a humble origin. It’s prepared with crumbs of toasted bread served with meat, chorizo, black pudding, or vegetables. Unlike the ones we tried in Navarra, king’s migas of “El Rey de Patones” had chorizo, garlic, and grapes. In my opinion, this dish was very similar to the ones you can find in Extremadura.

Although it was a tasteful and pleasant dish, in our opinion, it should have been bigger. When we talk about migas, we refer to huge servings, and, unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Even so, we would order it again since we loved it. What’s more, having the option of adding a fried egg was a good point.

The biggest croquettes of Patones de Arriba

Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?, ham croquettesThere are two options with two euro ham croquettes. On the one hand, they might be huge. On the other hand, they might be exquisite. Fortunately, at El Rey de Patones, we found an excellent harmony among these two qualities.

Although they weren’t as flavorful as the ones we tried at Casa Carmanela in Valencia, their size really surprised us since they were huge. But, to be honest, the thing that amazed us the most was their creaminess. These croquettes were so soft that we didn’t need the knife to cut them.

Even though their ham flavor wasn’t intense, their texture won our hearts!

Tentempie of El Rey de Patones

Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?, TentempieIn my opinion, all dishes that contain minced chorizo are exquisite. As expected, this wasn’t an exception. It was a flavorful dish that, although it should have been larger, we loved it.

The thing that stood out to us the most was its presentation. At first, we thought that it was going to be similar to the traditional huevos rotos. In the end, their appearance and texture made it looked like scrambled eggs with fries.

Besides, it was served with a toast seasoned with dried tomato that provided it a crunchy texture. To me, it would have been a better side dish a slice of rustic crusty bread to wipe clean the plate. Even so, we totally recommend it.

French toast with mascarpone ice cream

Where to eat in Patones de Arriba?, french toast with mascarpone ice creamWhen the dessert arrived, to be honest, it was quite hard to choose one. In the end, we decided to order the French toast because of the mascarpone ice cream. To be fair, in general terms, it was pretty good.

On the one hand, the french toast was served over dulce de leche and mango syrup. Although at first, it may sound like an odd mix, in the end, it was delicious. Furthermore, the contrasts of temperatures favor the melting of the ice cream creating a wonderful blend.

On the other hand, there was a detail in this dessert that I wasn’t able to understand at all. After all, it was served with a mint leaf that, although it may provide a fresh touch in the dish, the only thing it did was contaminate the ice cream flavor.

As I mentioned before, this charming town offers lots of options to have a meal but, if you ask me where to eat in Patones de Arriba, I’ll suggest “El Rey de Patones.” Although, in my opinion, the quality of the service could be better, the food was good, and the view from the terrace makes the place unique. We will repeat, take it for grant it!


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