What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy

Navarre is well-known by San Fermín, although it also has to be because of its gastronomy. If you don’t know what to eat in Navarre yet, read this post!

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What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy



Migas de pastor

Ajoarriero cod

Txantxigorri tarts


Navarre is a land of contrasts. In this part of the northeaster of Spain, you can find from semi-desertic spots like the Bardenas Reales to green and mountainous zones like the Pirineos. Although this natural beauty it’s improved by an abundant historical and cultural legacy, besides its very varied gastronomy.

Despite that trying its popular dishes in just a weekend trip it’s almost impossible, next to this you’ll find some suggestions that may answer the question, what to eat in Navarre?

If you don’t know what to eat in Navarre… bet on the pintxos!

What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy, pintxosTraditionally, pintxos are a slice of bread on which is placed a small portion of food. Although it may sound very similar to the tapas, there are some differences between them.

On the one hand, tapas are often included in the cost of the drinks, while pintxos are ordered separately. On the other hand, pintxos are usually bigger than tapas.

Even though pintxos are bounded to the gastronomy of the Basque Country, it’s a custom very extended to other parts of Spain. This is, principally, the reason why they are included in this list. It’s almost impossible enjoying the gastronomy of Navarre without enjoying these mini feasts!

What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy, pintxosDespite the food used to be served over bread, the competition among bars and the appearance of new young cooks are contributing to the creation of more elaborated and inventive pintxos.

Pintxos are much more than food. They are a way of eating! The most fascinating thing about them is the chance to be able to alternate among bars to try different kinds. That’s why making a list about where to taste the best is practically impossible.

In Pamplona, we’ve tried the pintxos in Txirrintxa and Bar Gaucho. Sincerely, I don’t know if we could have found better places but, in general, we were happy about the size and the flavor of the food.

Chistorra, an essential to eat in Navarre

What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy, chistorraThis kind of sausage it’s very traditional in Navarre. Although it maybe looks very similar then the chorizo, it’s characterized by its thickness and its length. It’s made of pork minced meat, garlic, salt, aromatic herbs, and paprika, which gives it its distinctive color.

Chistorra is one of the most popular dishes in Navarre, so you’ll be able to find it almost everywhere. It doesn’t really matter how you try it… I’m sure you are going to love it!

Would you like to cook chistorra at home? Don’t miss this wonderful recipe! Chistorra in Pedro Ximénez sauce.

Migas de pastor

What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy, migas de pastor“Migas de pastor” is a dish with a humble origin and very extended in the Iberian Peninsula. As its own name indicates, it was a popular dish among peasants and shepherds who spent long days in the fields. As time goes, it has been losing its rural nature until it became a gastronomical model. Nowadays, it’s possible to find it in lots of restaurant menus.

In this case, we’ve tried “migas de pastor” with chistorra and a fried egg… And we loved it! It’s a delicious dish which you wouldn’t miss.

Ajoarriero cod

What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy, bacalao al ajoarrieroIt’s a traditional recipe from northern Spain in which the star ingredient is the salt cod accompanied with a sautée of different kinds of vegetables. Like many other popular recipes, it allows some variations depending on the zones. So, we can state that there isn’t a fixed recipe to prepare it.

We tasted Ajoarriero cod in Olite. To be more specific at Mesón el Sol de Olite. Although sincerely, it doesn’t really matters where you go, you’ll find it in almost every menu restaurant.

Txantxigorri tarts, the most traditional sweets you may eat in Navarre

What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy, tortas de taxntxigorriThis sweet is one of the most traditional preparations of the confectionary of Navarre. Although txantxigorri tarts are a flavorful dessert, you should eat them with some moderation because they are quite high in calories. This is due to their principal ingredient, the Pork rinds.

Almost as fate will, we tried them in a handmade patisserie that proudly reclaims the creation of this kind of sweet. I’m talking about the bakery of the Viduarre family. If you want to try some txantxigorri tarts, this is the place you have to go.

Garroticos, the most famous sweets of Pamplona

What to eat in Navarre? Discover its varied gastronomy, garroticosPamplona hides a small treasure in one of its more emblematic streets. It’s a small bakery which probably would go unnoticed. But… why did it really attract our attention? Because all the times we passed in front of it, people were lining up to buy some sweets.

This little bakery is called Pastas Beatriz, and the reason for being so famous in the city is their scrumptious garroticos. They are some small sweets made of puff pastry filled with chocolate or custard. If you are thinking about visiting Pamplona, this is a mandatory stop. You can’t leave the city without trying them. Once you do it, you’ll be grateful for knowing about their existence!

As you can imagine, this list could be almost infinite. If you think that it isn’t big enough here you got more suggestions. Peppers filled with cod, white asparagus, Navarre trout, lamb in chilindrón, Roncal and Idiazabal cheese, or canutillos of Sumbilla… The gastronomy of Navarre is one of the most varied in Spain!


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