Diurno Restaurant: having dinner like a movie star

Is there any better place than an old video store to enjoy an awesome dinner like being in a movie? No! Diurno restaurant is one of your best options.

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About Diurno restaurant

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie exteriorDiurno restaurant is placed in Chueca, one of the most central and trendy neighborhoods of Madrid. That’s why it’s a crowded place where it’s advisable to book a table before going there to eat.

In spite of knowing that it was a video store, we were surprised by watching so many DVDs and videogames on their walls’ shelves. The establishment has a very modern but elegant decoration which makes you feel very comfortable since the very beginning of the dinner until the end.

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie interior

At the moment of being inside, we didn’t have to wait to be received by a very friendly waiter from Galicia. He took us to our table and, while we decided what to order, he brought a bottle of wine and a small dish of delicious hummus.

Arzuaga Crianza 2016 wine

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie exteriorAlthough I’m not an expert in the world of wines, the Arzuaga Crianza 2016 wine was a real delight.

The wine had a very light red color, shiny and very clean. In the mouth, it was very soft with a slightly fruity ending.

At first, it seemed to be perfect to whet the appetite waiting for the starters. In the end, the bottle remained over the table. This is one of those wines which it’s impossible to stop drinking.

To me, it was the best complement to the main dishes we had chosen.

Spanish potato omelette served with crispy flat bread, tomato and olive oil

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie spanish potato omelette

The first of the starters was a Spanish tortilla. Even though they insist on the menu that it was a very juicy dish, to me, it was quite dry. I expected to see how the tortilla drips the egg in the moment of cutting it, but sadly, that never happened. Furthermore, its crust was slightly burnt and that affected its flavor.

Although it wasn’t an unpleasant dish, we’ve tried much better ones. Luckily, this was the first dish of a huge list.

Veggies and chicken gyozas with sweet chili sauce

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie veggies and chicken gyozas

We decided to order them at the very moment of seeing them on the menu. Sincerely, it was a very good choice. At first, we were surprised by the size of the dish. Other restaurants often served much less of these dumplings.

Next to that, we were surprised by their texture and flavor. On the one hand, they were crunchy. On the other hand, they were very soft too! Also, they were very tasteful, but to me, the best of the dish was its sauce which was sweet and slightly chili. Delicious!

In conclusion, it was one of the best dishes of gyozas we’ve ever tried.

Slowly roasted cod, sauteed wild mushrooms and flesh asparagus with romesco sauce

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie slowly roasted cod

The appearance of this dish was remarkable. At first, we didn’t know if we had food in front of us or an abstract piece of art.

On the one hand, the sauteed of mushrooms and the sauces were very tasteful. On the other hand, the fish was very good. In general, this dish was a wonder. To me, the best of it was mixing all the ingredients in the mouth to be capable of feeling all of them one beside the other.

To me, this is one of those dishes which force you to come back to a restaurant only to try them again.

Slowly roasted beef rib steak with fine potato cream and wood fire scallion

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie slowly roasted beef

Although the appearance of the ribs wasn’t as good as the cod, this dish was really tasty too. Firstly, for its BBQ sauce and secondly because of its very nice potato cream.

While the BBQ sauce gave the meat a very pleasant sweet touch, the potato cream helped it to get a balance between the sauce and the beef. It was perfect because we didn’t miss the salt shaker.

There was only a bad point in this dish. Some parts of the meat were quite dry, especially those that were farther from the bone.

Flourless double chocolate cake

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie flourless double chocolate

A chocolate cake is always a synonym of sweetness. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. In spite that the cake was light and it was still hot when they served it, we found it quite tasteless. Maybe we aren’t used to this kind of cakes but, in our opinion, it could have been better with some vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream.

Crunchy millefeuilles with passion fruit mousse and raspberries

Diurno Restaurant: having an awesome dinner like in a movie crunchy millefeuilles

In the beginning, we thought that it was going to be the worst of the desserts… what a mistake! In the end, this was one of the star dishes of the night!

The mousse was insane! It was very soft and light but it was very tasteful. It turned out to be very fresh. Furthermore, the millefeuille gave the dish a crunchy texture that, mixed with the cream, was very pleasant.

To sum up, it was delicious!

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to have dinner in the Diurno restaurant. Their menu is like an adventure movie where you can travel through textures and flavors, with bad and good moments, but like in many movies… with a happy ending!

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