Where to try the Sunday roast in Madrid? In James Joyce Pub!

Do you want to enjoy an authentic Sunday roast in Madrid though you don’t know where? James Joyce Pub is the place. Discover why!

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Where to try the Sunday roast in Madrid? In James Joyce pub!

What is the Sunday roast?

About James Joyce Pub

Beer menu

Sunday roast at James Joyce Pub

What is the Sunday roast?

Sunday roast is a traditional British dish which, as its name denotes, it’s served traditionally on Sundays. Its primary ingredient is the roast meat that can be beef, lamb, pork, or chicken. Additionally, it’s composed of a great variety of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, peas, broccoli, etc. All those ingredients are covered with gravy, a special meat sauce, and they are served with a Yorkshire Pudding that is a kind of flavorful and very fluffy bread.

This dish is so important that it was chosen as one of the things that people love most of the British culture. Although in Spain it’s not very well-known, there are a lot of places where you can find it. James Joyce Pub is one of them!

About James Joyce Pub

Where to try the Sunday roast in Madrid? In James Joyce pub!, interiorJames Joyce Pub is an Irish pub opened in 2006. It’s located between Plaza de Cibeles and Puerta de Alcalá. They say on their website that their cuisine is the result of mixing the best elements of the Irish and the Spanish gastronomy. Despite that, in my opinion, their menu is remarkable for its British dishes. In this pub, you will be able to have the Sunday roast, the typical fish and chips, the traditional British breakfast, or the delicious Shepherd’s Pie.

If you want to cook at the Shepherd’s Pie, then you may be interested in taking a look at this recipe.

Although it’s located in the very center of Madrid, the thing that stood out me the most was being surrounded by British people. In fact, nobody was talking Spanish there! Also, its decoration helps to travel mentally to faraway places without leaving the capital of Spain.

If you are starting to think about visiting them, this is its location.

Beer menu

Where to try the Sunday roast in Madrid? In James Joyce pub!, interior, beersAlthough it’s not strictly necessary if you are a beer lover, you’ll really enjoy this pub. On its menu, you’ll find a great variety of styles: stouts, ales, lagers… Choose one would take you some time, especially if you are an indecisive person!

In my case, finally, I decided to try Murphy’s Irish Red. It’s a Red Ale with an attractive coppery red color. Already said color, it’s also slightly appreciated in its creamy a thick foam. It had a pleasant sweet aroma that reminds of caramel. Although at first, it may taste bitter, it’s a very light beet that slowly gains some sweetness.

It didn’t disappoint me! Though it wasn’t the best beer I’ve ever tried, it was really cool. I liked it.

Sunday roast at James Joyce Pub

Where to try the Sunday roast in Madrid? In James Joyce pub!, sunday roastEven if at first, it may seem a small dish, especially if you’ve already tried the Sunday roast in other countries… Appearances are deceptive! I almost wasn’t able to finish it all.

In my opinion, the most remarkable thing in this dish was the gravy sauce. Exquisite! It made you want to lick the plate, literally! Although the meat could be thicker, it was very tender and flavorful. Besides, the Yorkshire Pudding was spongy. Yummy!

Despite the fact, I liked this dish very much, there was a point that was quite improvable. I mean the proportion of the ingredients. After all, if you’ve never seen a Sunday roast, after seeing this one, you may think that the vegetables are the most essential part of it. And, to be honest, it’s just the opposite!

Anyway, I strongly recommend it. I can’t stop thinking about when I was able to try it again!

As you probably already know, nothing is perfect. Although there were some improvable points, my experience at James Joyce Pub was very satisfactory. Not only because of its festive atmosphere but also because of its waiters and owner. Cheerful and friendly people who will take charge of making you feel like being at home. And that, it’s almost as important as the rest, isn’t it?

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