Sargo, the reef of Madrid

Are you a meat or fish lover? If you go to Sargo, the reef of Madrid, this answer doesn’t really matter. Do you want to know why?

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Mediterranean cuisine is much more than ingredients and dishes. It is a gastronomic culture that includes numerous geographical areas related by centuries of shared history. All of them share tastes for certain products and elaborations. Although its pillars are cereals, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, fish and meat also have a significant protagonism. This is where Sargo, the reef of Madrid, comes into play. Why? Because it doesn’t really matter whether you order meat, fish or vegetable dishes…. your choice will always be the right one!

About Sargo, the reef of Madrid

Sargo, the reef of Madrid, it's also a good choice for meat-eaters, interiorSalamanca is one of the most glitzy neighborhoods of Madrid. In it, you can find the most significant number of luxury shops and haute cuisine restaurants in the city. So it has become one of the most important shopping areas of the capital. And it’s in that neighborhood where Sargo, also known as the reef of Madrid, is located.

Sargo, the reef of Madrid, it's also a good choice for meat-eaters, interiorSargo is a fancy, cozy and modern restaurant. This, in addition to friendly waiters, makes it a charming place to enjoy good food with your friends or relatives.

They define themselves as a restaurant that proposes a concept of modern cuisine without abandoning the most traditional tastes. And, although their menu stands out because of the quality and freshness of their fish and seafood, you can also find excellent meat dishes. Thus, we can confirm that Sargo, the reef of Madrid, is also a desirable choice for meat-eaters!

This map will help you to find the restaurant.

Fried aubergines with honey

Sargo, the reef of Madrid, it's also a good choice for meat-eaters, auberginesEvery time we try this dish, we always find the same problem. Once you try it, in the end, all are the same. Sadly, this time, it was not an exception.

Despite being a large starter, it did not surprise us at all. Although we liked its outer texture since it was crunchy, we found it quite tasteless. In our opinion, the best of this dish was its delicious sauce.

It could be much better!

Chistorra of Arbizu with red peppers and caramelized onions

Sargo, the reef of Madrid, it's also a good choice for meat-eaters, chistorraUnlike the previous starter, the chistorra of Arbizu surprised us pleasingly. Although it could not be compared with the size of the aubergines, its flavor compensated everything else. The chistorra was not very intense, so the rest of the ingredients could have more prominence.

This was our favorite starter. Sincerely, we would love to try it again. So, we strongly recommend it!

Secreto ibérico marinated with pickled vegetables

Sargo, the reef of Madrid, it's also a good choice for meat-eaters, secretoThe secreto ibérico is a risky dish. Although it is the star dish of numerous restaurants, people tend to overcook it, so it is too dry to enjoy it. Luckily, this time was really juicy and tender. Besides that, it was served with a sauce that made it even more tasteful.

But the most surprising thing about this dish was its presentation. It consisted of a closed wooden box that, after opening it, revealed its inside secret among aromatic smoke of thyme. What a great idea! We loved it!

Braised beef cheeks with scallion and sweet potato purée

Sargo, the reef of Madrid, it's also a good choice for meat-eaters, braised beef cheeksWe consider ourselves enormous fans of this dish. Each time we see it, we choose it… Ordering it in Sargo was an excellent choice! The meat was so tender that I cut it using just a fork. But the best thing about the dish was its broth, in my opinion, it was perfect for dipping bread in it!

The braised beef cheeks were served with a scallion and sweet potato purée that provided a sugary and very pleasing touch. Altogether, it was perfect. We strongly recommend it!

Melted cheesecake

Sargo, the reef of Madrid, it's also a good choice for meat-eaters, cheesecakeIf you are a cheesecake lover, Sargo is a must-try! We ordered it because the waiter suggested it. She literally said that it was exquisite. And, to be honest, she was totally right!

At first, we expected a more generous slice because of what the waiter said. In the end, after trying it, any kind of disappointment disappears instantly. Its flavor and texture make it one of our favorite cheesecakes. Possibly, it was the best we’ve ever had! If you eat at Sargo and you don’t try it… You are losing your time!

Although Sargo is also called the reef of Madrid, as you can see, they have exquisite meat dishes too. In general, all the food was formidable. Added to affable waiters, we assure you that it’s an excellent place to eat. We have no doubts… we’ll be back!

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