Roasted Iberico pork Secreto. Finger-licking good!

Prepare roasted iberico pork secreto with potatoes and a pleasant sweet touch following this easy step by step recipe. Don’t miss it!

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Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!


Preparation of the ingredients

Roasting the potatoes

Roasting the meat


Iberico pork secreto is a flavorful and succulent type of meat. These qualities turn it into an easy cooking piece that accepts many different methods of cooking. You might prepare it on the grill, on the barbecue, or even in the oven. If you are looking for an easy recipe to enjoy this feast, you’ve just found it! Roasted iberico pork secreto with a touch of honey is what you need.

Ingredients to prepare roasted iberico pork secreto for 2 people

  • Half a kilo of iberico pork secreto (approx)
  • 2 large potatoes
  • 200ml white wine
  • Thyme
  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil

Preparation of the ingredients of roasted iberico pork secreto

    • Clean the potatoes very well and cut them into slices. Although you can peel them, I choose not to do it because I like them more in that way.
Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!, step 1
    • Then, put the sliced potatoes over a baking tray. Pour a considerable amount of olive oil to avoid getting them stuck, and season them with salt, pepper, and thyme to your taste.
Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!, step 2

Roasting the potatoes

    • Spill half of the white wine over the potatoes and make sure that it extends all over the baking tray. Next to that, roast them for 30 minutes approx at 180°C.
Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!, step 3
    • After that, the white wine will practically evaporate. Stir the potatoes and pour the rest of the liquid over them.
Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!, step 4

Ending the roasted Iberico pork Secreto

    • Season the meat to your taste and put it over the potatoes. Roast everything again for 30 minutes at 180°C.
Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!, step 5
    • Now, using a kitchen brush, spread all the honey you want over the iberico pork secreto. Although it may sound strange, it will give the meat an exquisite flavor. Roast the pork again for 10 minutes, and it will be ready.
Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!, step 6

Result of the recipe

 Roasted iberico pork secreto. Finger-licking good!Despite this recipe has a long cooking time, it’s perfect for those busy days when you have to do lots of things besides cooking. While the food is in the oven, you won’t have to worry about it, so you could do other things. This recipe is excellent for any day of the week!

To me, this is a light and flavorful dish. Roasted iberico pork secreto is very juicy, and the honey gives the meat a sweet touch that highlights its flavor. With this recipe, you’ll surely hit the target, no matter if you prepare it for a family meal, friends meeting, or, simply, it’s part of your daily menu.

If you don’t dare to cook it at home and live in Madrid, we found a restaurant where roasted iberico pork secreto is perfect. You can find more information about it in our post “Sargo, the reef of Madrid.” What is my advice? Try to cook it! I’m sure you are going to love it!


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