Lambrate is a synonym for craft beer in Milan

Want to try the best craft beer in Milan? Stop searching and check out Lambrate, the best brewery in the city

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Italian gastronomy is known for being the cradle of famous dishes. For instance, tagliatelle Bolognese or spaghetti carbonara. But also, its wines, olive oils, and cold meats have a high reputation worldwide. In addition, it has exported one of the most fashionable cocktails of the moment, the Aperol Spritz. Sadly, little is said about Italian beer culture. And this is a big mistake, as many breweries are making excellent beers in Italy today! Birrificio Lambrate is the best example of this, as it offers the best craft beer in Milan. Haven’t you heard of it yet? Keep reading!

Birrificio Lambrate, pioneers of craft beer in Milan

The history of Birrificio Lambrate is a love story of craft beer in Milan. Everything started in 1996 with 3 partners producing 2 different types of beer, a Pilsner called Montestella and a Doppelbock named Porpora. A year later, they opened their first restaurant, although their schedule was conditioned by the amount of beer production. They only had 100 liters per opening, so they could only be open for a couple of hours 3 days a week.

Today they are still the major players in the history of craft beer in Milan. Currently, they offer 12 fixed references, 6 seasonal, and many other specialty beers. Their labels are pretty interesting as they honor the Milanese culture. For this reason, and many others that you will discover if you continue reading this post, if you are a true beer lover, you should visit the brewery!

About the restaurant of Birrificio Lambrate

Lambrate is a synonym for craft beer in MilanAs you may have imagined, Birrificio Lambrate has more than one establishment in the neighborhood that gives its name to the brand. In fact, this restaurant has been serving food and craft beer in Milan since 2011. Although its decor is a little flashy and excessive, the staff and the friendly atmosphere make it a cozy place.

In addition, as it is located in an area of university residences, it will not be empty any night. In fact, the two times we went there it was full of people. But that didn’t stop us from having a good time – quite the contrary!

What is the best thing about it? Since it is away from the city center, it is not a touristic restaurant, so prices are not too high. If you want to know its exact location, there is a map below that will help you find it.

The best craft beer in Milan

Lambrate is a synonym for craft beer in MilanAfter everything I mentioned, if you are a true beer lover, you will know that Lambrate is a must-visit place. Honestly, walking around the city, we didn’t see too many pubs for drinking a good craft beer in Milan. In fact, Darsena Craft Beer was the only one where I found decent beers.

So what’s so interesting about Birrificio Lambrate? Among the beers they offer, you will find varied but fascinating styles ranging from a Pilsner for the most traditional to a Double IPA for the bravest. But that’s not all… there are also beers for the most sybarites! The Barley Wine or the DDH American IPA are clear examples of that. There are so many different beers that it would be difficult to try them all.


Of all the beers I’ve tried, these were the ones I liked the most:

  • Porpora. It is one of their star beers. It is a Deppolbock with bright caramel color, slightly aromatic, and a balanced flavor. At first, it is sweet and ends up being a little bitter. Although Its 8% alcohol is evident in its taste, that does not prevent the enjoyment of drinking it.
  • Atomic. It is a Double IPA with a juicy appearance. Although it’s not too aromatic and has a light texture for the style, I liked it very much. Because it’s fruity, smooth, and doesn’t let you notice its alcohol content.
  • Barley Wine. As its name describes, it is a copper-colored Barley Wine with a sweet aroma and woody notes. Although it is not as intense as other beers of the same style, it is candied and has a pleasant citric touch. In addition, it has 12% alcohol, but that is not perceived in its flavor. This beer is simply spectacular.

To be honest, I love unusual beer styles, and this may have conditioned my selections. Anyway, no matter what kind of beers you like, I am sure you will find something for your taste here. When I say that Birrificio Lambrate serves the best craft beer in Milan, I don’t say it just because!

What can you eat here?

Lambrate is a synonym for craft beer in MilanIn my opinion, good beer should always be accompanied by good food. Fortunately, this restaurant has both.

Honestly, we thought the menu would be more extensive than it turned out to be, the food looked excellent though. I must admit that the size of the dishes was a bit disconcerting as they were too large for one person but slightly small for two.

In the end, we decided to order a mixed grill to share. It was formed by different types of meat such as chorizo, beef, pork, and chicken. Honestly, there are no negative points to highlight. The steaks were good, tender, and juicy. I felt that the price was a bit high considering that it is a dish for one person, but still, it was worth it.

The fact that a country is not famous for its beer does not imply that there are brewmasters offering quality products. And in this case, Birrificio Lambrate is the best example of that. For this reason, from now on, when someone asks me where to find the best craft beer in Milan, I will answer without hesitation… In Lambrate!


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