Where to eat cheap in Segovia? Find out where!

Would you like to try the most traditional Segovian dishes without going broke? Eat cheap in Segovia is possible! Find out where

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Segovia is one of the most famous and symbolic cities in and out of Spain. It houses important monuments such as the Roman Aqueduct and its Alcázar. What’s more, it’s a millenary city where it seems that time stands still. Thousands of tourists visit it annually, and most of them don’t miss the chance to enjoy its gastronomy. This city is well-known for its traditional dishes too! So… do you want to eat cheat in Segovia? Pay attention because I’m going to tell you where to do it!

Where to eat cheap in Segovia? At El Redebal!

El Redebal is a small and cozy family restaurant located in the historic center of the city. Despite that, it’s placed in a small and charming square with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Where to eat cheap in Segovia? Find out where!Besides that, it’s flanked by La Alhóndiga. This building was erected in the S. XVI during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs. In the past, it performed the purpose of a warehouse of cereals. But, it houses the Municipal Historical Archive of the city since 1925. So, if you decide to eat on the terrace of El Redebal, you’ll enjoy the views of this centenary building.

But, the most relevant thing that you’ll find at El Redebal is one of the most economical traditional Segovian menus. Don’t get fooled by this information! This restaurant has one of the best punctuations on Tripadvisor and Google of Segovia. That’s because of the quality of their food and the exceptional treatment of its owners. Are you still wondering where to eat cheap in Segovia? Now, you know where! From now on, I’m going to tell you what you can try here.

By the way, if you want more information, I suggest you visit their website. Also, you can find its location on the following map.

Castilian soup

Where to eat cheap in Segovia? At El Redebal!, Castilian soupCastilian soup as judiones de la granja are the most demanded starters of the traditional Segovian menu. This soup is usual in several zones of Spain, and it has a lot of regional variations. But its origin is placed in Castilla y León.

To be honest, the Castilian soup of El Redebal is not the best one you can find in Segovia. However, I decided to choose this dish because it’s lighter than judiones de la granja. Even so, this starter never disappoints. And, what’s more important, it doesn’t impede you from enjoying the star dish which, by the way, it comes next to this.

Suckling piglet of El Redebal, the place where you can eat cheap in Segovia

Where to eat cheap in Segovia? At El Redebal!, Suckling pigletIt doesn’t really matter who you ask, everyone will answer you the same. If you go to Segovia and you don’t try the suckling piglet, you’ll hardly show off visiting the city. This food is so important that it was rewarded with a guarantee stamp called “Cochinillo de Segovia” in 2002.

To be honest, you can find it in other places in Spain, for example, in Restaurante Botín, the oldest restaurant in the world. But it’ll never be the same as trying it in Segovia!

Its traditional cooking is roasted in a firewood oven over a pot filled with water and lard. 3 hours are needed to prepare it! The result? I bet you can imagine it. Tender and soft inside but very crunchy outside. Exquisite, isn’t it?

Precisely, in El Redebal, they cook it in this way. The meat was so soft that it practically melted in your mouth, and the contrast with its crunchy skin was unique. This wasn’t the first time we tried the suckling piglet in this restaurant, and, honestly, it’s not going to be the last.

Ponche segoviano, the most traditional dessert of Segovia

Where to eat cheap in Segovia? At El Redebal!, ponche segovianoThis is an ancient dessert. So, it’s one of the most well-known and rooted ones in the city. Its preparation follows a traditional pattern. It consists of a squared sponge cake sprinkled with a syrup made with water and sugar. Then, it’s filled with custard, and it’s covered with a thin layer of marzipan. Finally, it’s decorated with icing sugar, and it’s pressed with a red hot iron that melts the sugar drawing its characteristical diamond shapes.

lthough it may sound too much sweet, it isn’t at all! In practice, it’s a dessert with a soft and pleasant texture. I think that in many restaurants, people tend to serve too much of it. Luckily, in El Redebal, they know how much is needed to try it without regretting it after an abundant meal. We love it!

Suckling piglet croquettes, you can’t miss them!

Where to eat cheap in Segovia? At El Redebal!, Suckling piglet croquettesIf you are a croquettes lover and you never miss the chance to try some excellent ones… This is a must-try for you! Why? Because you’ll hardly find this kind of croquettes elsewhere!

To be honest, we didn’t find suckling piglet croquettes in other restaurants before. So, when we saw them on the menu, we instantly feel like having them. Curiously, we found them on the kid’s menu and, although we knew that it was going to be a lot of food, we couldn’t resist the temptation. What an extraordinary idea! They amazed us!

Honestly, the suckling piglet croquettes of El Redebal won a place in our hearts. These ones and the croquettes we enjoyed at Casa Carmela were some of the best ones we’ve ever tried.

Although you can do much more than enjoy the local gastronomy in this city, it’s undeniable that it’s a perfect destination for food lovers. It doesn’t really matter if you decide to eat in a restaurant or you prefer to go out to have some tapas. You can’t miss the chance to discover all the things that Segovia can offer you! And if you were wondering where to eat cheap in Segovia, now you know where!


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