El Camoatí, signature Argentinean cuisine in La Latina

Discover El Camoatí, the best restaurant to taste traditional Argentinean cuisine in La Latina, in the city center of Madrid

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El Camoatí, signature Argentinean cuisine in La Latina

About El Camoatí

Argentinean wines

Great Argentinean barbecue

Panqueque with dulce de leche

The Argentinean barbecue on Sundays is much more than a simple meal. It is a ritual that unites family and friends around a table. As it could not be otherwise, in every big celebration the quality and quantity of the food are never skimped on. This is probably one of the reasons why Argentinean cuisine is known worldwide for its great grilled meat dishes! Would you like to know how it feels? Then you should visit El Camoatí, the best restaurant where you can taste traditional Argentinean cuisine with signature touches.

El Camoatí, where you can taste the best Argentinean cuisine in La Latina

El Camoatí, signature Argentinean cuisine in La Latina, interiorEl Camoatí is a small restaurant located in La Latina. This is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Madrid. Its location is somewhat peculiar as it is situated in a narrow pedestrian alley. In my opinion, this contributes to giving it even more grace. In fact, every time we visit it, it is always practically fully booked. For this reason, I am surprised that they boast of being the best-kept secret of Madrid de Los Austrias on their website. On the contrary, it is an open secret that eating here is equivalent to having a great experience.

After reading this, I guess you can imagine how important it is to book a table. In our case, we had no problem because we booked a week in advance. It must be said that the treatment we received was magnificent, from the moment we phoned to the moment we left.

On the other hand, they have an extensive menu where you will find different types of food. Their meat dishes stand out, especially their great Argentinean barbecue. But also their pasta, and, of course, their milanesa a la napolitana too (Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Surely this recipe will help you understand everything).

Below this, you will see precisely where it is located.

Argentinean wines

El Camoatí, signature Argentinean cuisine in La Latina, Argentinean winesAlthough Argentina does not have a long winemaking tradition, its wines have progressed exponentially in recent years. In the end, they have more and more followers and have managed to achieve the worldwide fame they deserved. As you can imagine, in El Camoatí you will find a good selection of these wines, among them Finca Las Nubes, which is the one we have chosen.

This wine is made with the Malbec grape variety from a vineyard located over 1,850 meters above sea level. The result is a wine of intense red color with aromas of red fruits. It has a smooth and fruity taste, making it one of the best options to enjoy an Argentine barbecue.

Great Argentinean Barbecue at El Camoatí

El Camoatí, signature Argentinean cuisine in La Latina, great Argentinean barbecueOn the menu of El Camoatí, you will find many traditional Argentinean dishes, still, in my opinion, the most worthwhile is the great Argentinean barbecue. It is a good selection of starters and different types of meat. Here you will find chorizo, black pudding, sweetbreads, Asado de tira, skirt steak, and chicken. You will have a general idea of what an Argentinean barbecue is if you choose this.

Unlike the one we tried at La Cabaña Argentina, on this occasion, everything was perfect. The chorizo and black pudding were delicious. The meat’s quality was outstanding, especially considering everything was very juicy and flavorful. But, to be honest, what I liked the most were the sweetbreads. I found them to be one of the best I have eaten in Madrid.

To sum up, everything was delicious. In my opinion, the value for money of this dish is unbeatable, I highly recommend it!

Panqueque with dulce de leche

panqueque with dulce de lechePanqueques with dulce de leche are possibly the most famous dessert in Argentine. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should know that they are very similar to crepes. In this case, it was filled with dulce de leche and banana slices served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is also possible to find them with cream or flambéed with rum.

Due to its size and the quantity of its filling, it is perfect for sharing. Otherwise, it could end up being gooey. What we liked the most was the contrast of temperatures. The panqueque was still hot, so it melted the ice cream and turned it into a smooth cream. In short, we loved it!

To sum up, eating at El Camoatí is synonymous with enjoying a good meal in a quiet and cozy restaurant. The quality of its dishes and the treatment of its staff make it one of the best options to enjoy Argentinean cuisine in La Latina. If you decide to give them a try, you will not be disappointed!


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